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The Beginning of Awesomeness

I woke up this morning – exactly the same as every other morning. The alarm went off, snoozed it twice, rolled out of bed and did my morning routine.

“Is it going to be another day of thinking about doing this?” I thought to myself.

Standing there in the home office, I took some deep morning breaths, looked at my glorious glass board of life principles and lessons I’ve picked up over the years on personal development, and glared at the possible path I laid to becoming awesome. I have been contemplating over this blog for some time now, but fear and limiting beliefs have been holding me back from pushing my boundaries towards contributing to the world through the power of the Internet. (Yoda voice: “Fear… leads to the dark side…”) I didn’t almost die yesterday or have some kind of epiphany which may have somehow pushed my mind over the edge into doing it. (albeit it has happened more times than I’d like in the past, another story for a future blog) I feel it’s more of a smoother learning curve, and it’s finally about time to do it.

“Today is the day to take some massive killer action!” I shouted at myself (in my head), as I my mind went blank on what and how to even begin writing a blog. I actually do have a long list of topics I’d love to write about and share with all of you, but as I sit down in front of my laptop, it all just goes blank. I get lost in the paralysis of overwhelming information on how to do it, and how to even begin.

So, I figured the best thing I could do for now is to just apply something I’ve picked up from my very first self-help mentor:

“Begin with the end in mind.” – Stephen Covey

This blog is dedicated to track my journey towards becoming as awesome as possible, but more importantly, to hopefully inspire others to pursue their own way of being and becoming awesome. Being awesome can mean many different things to a lot of people, but we can all agree that being in awe would mean feeling a great sense of wonder and inspiration. If we are not living our lives towards being in awe of ourselves and those around us, then mediocrity will slowly and silently take over. Life will very quickly feel like a routine on a random physical/biological autopilot that has been programmed into our minds through a vast world of limitless distractions, secretly holding you back from dreams of greatness.

I will write articles and post blogs on anything I feel will inspire the sense of awe, and most fundamentally – on the lessons I’ve learnt and am learning from this journey of life. It is through these life lessons, that we discover and find the very essence of our awesomeness. I will try to break it down into simpler components to help everyone understand and pursue their own way of leading an amazing life. People will read and learn from it, apply the knowledge, lives will improve, and everyone will literally become more awesome in their own unique ways. Everyone will be happier and more fulfilled, and will then pay it forward by sharing what they have discovered, and the world will become a better place.

That’s the end goal right there. A better world full of driven, fulfilled and awesome people.

I hope this blog will serve you well, and that it will be a light on the path to your own pursuit of awesomeness.

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